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DAFU high-notch Optical Polycarbonate (PC) Film

2019-06-28 14:52:42 Foshan Dafu New material Co., Ltd. Read

The optical film is a thin and uniform dielectric film layer attached to the surface of the optical device and the electronic product, so that the light passes through the reflection, transmission and polarization characteristics of the film during the propagation path to obtain one or more Various forms of light such as reflection, transmission, and polarization in the band.

"Advanced Optical Polycarbonate (PC) Film" is a kind of optical film, mainly used in liquid crystal display, a liquid crystal display panel, including anti-reflection film, polarizer, wide viewing angle film, prism film, diffusion film, reflection A variety of optical films, such as films, in which the brightness enhancing film and the diffusing film in the backlight module are the most critical functional optical films. The primary substrate is an optical grade polycarbonate (PC) film.

Foshan Dafu New Materials Co., Ltd. invested heavily in 2018 to introduce a High-notch Optical Polycarbonate (PC) film” production line from Germany, which is equipped with advanced extruders, die systems and calenders. Online quality testing system, etc., annual production capacity of more than 4,000 tons.

Dafo's advanced optical polycarbonate (PC) film produced on this line is mainly used in liquid crystal displays, with low haze, high light transmittance, high surface finish, high surface hardness and small thickness tolerance. The optical properties are the main initial substrates for the production of optical films. Through deep processing, various optical films, such as brightness enhancement films, diffusion films, reflective films, etc., are the key functional optical films in the backlight module of liquid crystal displays.

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